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Negotiation GROuP Coaching

This Coaching Program is for Agents who have taken a Negotiation Training Course with Suze.

Deliberate Practice is critical to your ability to excel at Negotiations. That is what this program bring you.

Negotiation skills are essential in real estate for both getting clients and getting deals done.

Get More Clients
Get More Deals Done
Get Better Results
Build a Consistent Business

This is an established high functioning group and we recommend that new participants are or have done a minimum of 15 transactions per year. This coaching program is not about lead generation although we do talk about the language to build the trust required to attract new clients.

Now accepting new applicants, Only 2 spots available

Negotiation Coaching

There will be three sessions per month and the dates and times of these sessions will be set on or before the 25th day of the previous month.


If you are unable to attend any session, there will be a recording made available to you.


Email us using the button below to register.



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You’ve taken some negotiation training and you can see how these skills could be massively beneficial to both you and your clients, but you are not sure how to implement them into your conversations.   

You don’t want to be salesy, using scripts and old school sales tactics, and you know that the right language is essential for earning the client and for successful offer negotiations.  

How do you master negotiation skills? Harvard says it best: “Practice, practice, practice.”  

With a maximum of 15 people in a group, you’ll have ample opportunity to get that elusive deliberate practice that is so necessary to mastery of real estate sales.

Suze has decades of experience in real estate negotiations and in this program, Suze shares her knowledge through role play, rehearsals and debriefs. You’ll have a chance to bring your unique obstacles and barriers and see how Suze melts resistance and gets to yes. 

Whether you are trying to earn a listing, deal with a difficult agent, bring two parties together or any other tricky real estate situation, this is the program that will give you the language skills and negotiation tools to succeed every time. 

This program is for experienced negotiators who have previously taken a negotiation course with Suze.

The Real Estate industry is evolving, your interpersonal skills will set you apart.

See how our courses have helped real estate professionals across Canada achieve their professional goals and assist with cultivating their future success.