There will always be naysayers who tell you it can’t be done.  You can’t list high end homes, there isn’t an ethical approach to make money, you can’t be successful in real estate, or you won’t make it to the top.  Those naysayer’s voices can be so strong that sometimes they start to feel like our own.

I arrived at the Grand Canyon early in the morning on Sunday.  My plan was to hike to the Colorado River and back.

They said don’t do it.  It’s too long. It’s not possible.

There were signs everywhere saying that it was too difficult.  They even wrote that you needed a permit to attempt it but the line up at the visitors’ centre help desk was too long and waiting in it would have precluded any attempt at the river.

So I set out.

It was the most spectacular day that I have had in a long time.  Two hours twenty minutes in, thirty minutes rest at the Colorado River and three hours ten minutes out.  The scenery is stunningly beautiful.  The other souls sharing the experience are inspiring and there is a sense of spirituality aloft throughout the canyon – perhaps it is the thousands of souls that have lived and died in this magical place that has attracted humans and animals alike since time immemorial.

I Can Do It - Collage

The experience has left me feeling grateful, optimistic, enthusiastic, empowered and creative.  I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to the naysayers.

Will you listen to them?

When you attempt anything extraordinary, they will emerge. The cynics, the pessimists, the naysayers just can’t help it. Their motivation is to save you from certain failure.  Their limiting beliefs reflected outward on you.

They might be right.

Ask yourself, am I prepared to do what it takes to accomplish my goal?  If you want to be at the top in real estate, it will mean a lot of work. You’ll need to build exceptional external skills and bullet proof internal belief to overcome the obstacles.

My Grand Canyon hike is the perfect metaphor.  I had the physical training to do it and I was prepared to accept the challenges, known and unknown.  The wonderful people at the National Park were discouraging people because most were not prepared for the challenge and their failure would mean a long cold scary night alone in the Canyon.

Your naysayer’s also mean well.  Use their words as the mirror that tells you -yes, you have what it takes to do the work to be an incredible real estate agent.

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