This always leads to bad outcomes.

When we consistently take the short cut, the easy route, when we cut corners and hide from the truth, we can be sure that there will be a price to pay.

16.04.14 Culture of Low Bar

The media storm against real estate agents in Vancouver is such a price.

I’ve read the interim report  released this week by the Independent Advisory Group to the Real Estate Council. The full report is expected at the end of May and they promise “substantial recommendations”.

Here’s the thing.  It’s ugly and we deserve it.

We have accepted a culture of low bar with regard to professional, ethical and legal standards.  This culture has put the public at significant risk.

If our industry is to survive the uberization that is occurring in so many traditional industries, we need to respond to this threat immediately.

Those of us who are passionate about the real estate industry and the importance of the services that we offer to the public are the ones who need to step up and contribute our voice to the conversation.   Most of you have spent hours studying ethical negotiation practices in the CNE  and the MCNE  courses.  I know you are deeply committed to bringing professionalism to real estate.

Let’s raise the Bar.

Organize talks within your brokerage and your real estate community, speak to your real estate board and your provincial associations about getting involved, have the courage to report unethical behavior and take a little time to review your Code of Ethics, board rules and provincial legislation.

A really great real estate agent is a valuable partner when an individual or a family embarks on the complicated and important journey of buying and selling a home.

Let’s not lose our right to represent and protect these people.