“Sure” you say, thick with sarcasm. There is no easy way to get real estate leads!

Well, if you think there is, there is and if you think there isn’t, guess what? There isn’t.

I had a very interesting conversation with Adam the other day. Adam (not his real name) is a supplier of websites to real estate agents. He was asking me about our real estate coaching program and then tells me how some other real estate trainer was making his clients talk to strangers in coffee shop line ups  in order to practice getting real estate leads. His tone of voice made it obvious he felt this was pretty bad.

As he’s saying this, my internal dialogue is going crazy. “Seems like a great idea to me. Why would he think it was bad to be friendly while waiting for your coffee? “ I went on to ask myself, “How am I going to respond to him so he will not feel judged and criticized? How can I get him to see this differently?”

I brought out my curiosity and inquired, “Sounds like you think it’s a bad idea? May I ask what bothers you about it?” His response was that it was salesy, aggressive and bothersome. I then asked him if it had to be these things. He went quiet and I could tell he was thinking.

After a few moments of silence, I went into a funny little role play right on the spot with him.  We had an entertaining and fun conversation role playing what might happen in that coffee shop line up. The conversation naturally and organically turned to real estate and after a few sentences I had him sharing with me information about how long he’d lived in the area and why he really loved living there.  Success.

Real Estate Leads

Once a person engages in an authentic conversation with you and it turns to real estate, you have an excellent chance of uncovering real estate leads. It could be that person, it could be someone they know, or it could be someone else in the coffee shop. Building human rapport is an important art form for the real estate professional and these types of conversations create excellent opportunities.

At The Nature of Real Estate, we call it Out and About. It’s a fantastic and natural real estate lead generation method.

As you move through your day, be friendly, strike up conversations and allow those conversations to turn into real estate leads through your questioning skills.  Our real estate coaches can help you develop the skills needed to create natural and deliberate conversations or continue to follow the blog and you’ll get great information required to build these critical skills.