#eliminatetheclutter is a challenge to move towards essentialism in 100 days. Each day you eliminate one non-essential thing, action, habit or routine from your life. It may be about clearing out a closet, it may be purging old files, or it may be choosing to answer emails at specific times only. In fact, I am positive that there are myriad things in each of our lives that if we eliminated them, our success and our happiness would increase significantly. What happens when we give up 100 of them?

Essentialism is not simply about clutter. In his book, Essentialism, Greg KcKeown uses clutter as a metaphor for the many forces conspiring to keep us from doing great work and living a great life. It is about how to get the right things done, not more things. It’s about distinguishing the vital few from the trivial many. It is the “Disciplined Pursuit of Less”.

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