How is it that some agents are overwhelmed selling 25 homes a year while others can sell 75, 100 or more and make it look easy?

From my experience coaching agents in all categories of production, I know that the highly productive agents have mastered the ability to operate at Peak Performance.  In fact, most fluctuate between rest /recovery and peak performance on a pretty consistent schedule.

Peak performance is a phenomenon of an extraordinary nature where an individual obtains a state of optimal functioning.  The term peak performance was originally coined to describe the state of being experienced by top level athletes but research has shown that the mental state required to obtain peak performance is virtually the same whether one is pursuing physical, intellectual or creative objectives.  The best performance coaches in all fields are just beginning to understand the vital importance of this research to help people obtain and maintain their competitive edge necessary for excellence.

Technology continues to rapidly change the world, multiplying our zone of impact, distracting us from our core work and eliminating down time.  It is easy to be very busy while accomplishing little.  At the same time, technology offers us a chance to step away from the repetitive nature of many of our tasks and allow us more time to create meaningful solutions to benefit our clients and our businesses.  Our ability to choose how we work is essential and it depends on our ability to stay focussed, pay attention and be present.  (sometimes referred to as mindfulness).

Let’s take a look at some of the current research around attention.  It’s a broad topic that has corporations spending millions to find better ways to bring it to their top executive teams. Here is some of the research I find particularly exciting.

Attention Restoration Theory (ART)

Attention Restoration Theory (ART) was originally developed by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan in the 1980’s and asserts that people can concentrate better after spending time in nature.  More recent research has shown that this also leads to improvement in medical healing, intellect and performance.  In addition, there is evidence that suggests that deliberate focus in natural environments may equip people with the skills to recreate the experience by merely observing symbols of the natural environment such as pictures or city gardens.

There are Four Factors of Effective ART in Nature

  1. Extent – the scope must be significant enough to feel immersed in the natural environment
  2. Being Away – the experience must offer an escape from habitual activities
  3. Soft Fascination – there must be aspects of the environment that captivate the attention effortlessly
  4. Compatibility – individuals must want to be exposed to and appreciate the environment.

I just returned from 10 days off grid on a boat in The Great Bear Rainforest.  I sink into this type of experience several times a year as I know that it creates the emotional and intellectual space for me to operate at peak performance.   I know that by taking 8-10 weeks per year away from my business each year I am able to accomplish significantly more work and significantly better work than if I didn’t take these breaks.

Will you give yourself permission to operate at your peak performance?

Here is a link to the pictures from The Great Bear Rainforest Trip.  I have an opportunity to book the Sailboat fully crewed for a week of incredible grizzly bear viewing in September of 2018.  If you are interested let me know.  I would need a firm commitment from six people.  This would be a fundraiser for The Raincoast Conservation Foundation. I would be volunteering my services.

And there are two spots left on this year’s Wilderness Explore to the Chilcotin Mountains.  This is an ideal opportunity to test out ART for yourself and have the experience of a lifetime while you do.