Are you settling back in?  Happy to get the kids back to school?  Or perhaps you are reflecting on the opportunity to do or be something more remarkable as summer unfolds into fall.

I always feel that September is the new year even more than January.  Likely something left over from childhood school cycles.

What if we took this opportunity to create the business and the life that we really want.  What if we did the work that matters; simplified our routine, decluttered our schedules, connected with our people and negotiated some great real estate transactions.

I know that most REALTORS® create busyness, stress, and worry because they are avoiding doing the important work.  Real estate is simple, but not easy.   There are only five steps to building a successful real estate practice.

  1. Find people that need to buy or sell
  2. Connect with those people and qualify them
  3. Get an appointment
  4. Get a contract signed (listing or BRA)
  5. Fulfill the contract

You can make it much more complicated if you like, but what would happen if you decided that this new school year, you are going to keep your note books neat, your locker tidy and do the work that matters?