Be a Conversation Wizard.

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Written 1000% by Suze. Image by AI

Be a Conversation Wizard.
A conversation is when you talk with someone versus talking at them

While it’s a wonderful skill to be able to have engaging casual conversations, in business we benefit by making those conversations more deliberate.   

This doesn’t mean making them agenda driven, manipulative or leading.  It means being deliberate about building connection, professional trust and likability.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who made you feel incredible.  You felt heard, cared for, and empowered?  Your mindset shifted to a more positive and optimistic place, and you wanted the conversation to go on longer?   A person highly trained in communication can deliberately create this type of experience for the people they interact with.   This has incredible power in attracting clients and in getting to yes in negotiations.

I have a teaching model I call The Deliberate Conversations Model.   It introduces two distinct areas of development to improve your conversations skills.  The first is choosing a mindset and attitude conducive to likeability and the second is a non-linear process for building connection, establishing what is valuable to them, and establishing a path to serve them.

As the AI era unfurls, your communication and social intelligence skills are your superpower in real estate.  

Step away from old school practices of scripts, techniques and closing and move towards truth, honesty and vulnerability.

The new era is going to reward the good people but only if you develop the skills that showcase your genuine caring and your expertise helping people get exceptional results in real estate.  

 If you are interested in a high-level communication course or workshop, email me. If I get enough interest, I’ll build a curriculum for us. 

“Great communication begins with connection”