Preparing for Change

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Written 100% by Suze. No AI assistance.

My Transformative Journey to becoming a Modern Elder      

Aging is inevitable but becoming a valued elder is a choice.  It’s a vulnerable choice because accepting age, owning wisdom and letting go of ego transforms our inner world in an uncomfortable way.

I am just back from The Modern Elder Academy (MEA) in Baja Mexico.  This intense workshop has delivered the most powerful and life affirming perspective and I am massively excited for the next chapters in my life.

MEA is the creation of Chip Conley, Airbnb guru, hotelier, Burning Man influencer and just a heck of a man with massive influence and a heart of gold.   The gift of time with Chip will be forever remembered as a turning point in my life.  Our cohort was 19 curious souls ranging in age from 31(old soul) to 65 and spanning diverse professional backgrounds. What we shared was a fierce commitment to love midlife and beyond.   

I share this with you as my life is changing, my chrysalis is melting, and the butterfly is emerging.   I don’t know what these changes will look like exactly, but I invite you along on the journey.   I will continue to offer the negotiation courses but there is something more profound emerging for me and for us.  The world needs us to step up and be a part of the change we want to see.  

Real Estate has been my calling for 39.5 years. It began in 1985 as a 21-year-old punk in Toronto’s The Kingsway. I had an incredible sales career that spanned 23 years.  Since 2008, I have served the real estate industry as coach, trainer, negotiation adviser, speaker and moral compass.  I am passionate about real estate as a conduit to help people create meaningful lives. 

Our industry is about to undergo massive change.  As a modern elder, I am excited to lead with love through this transformation.

“Although an infant becomes a child simply by aging, a person cannot become an elder by simply becoming older. Elders fall into the category of things that are made, not born. Becoming an elder is not a ‘natural occurrence;’ the qualities needed don’t simply develop from physical changes brought on by aging. Rather, there is something meta-physical involved; something philosophical and spiritual that is required. Old age alone doesn’t make the elder”

Micheal Meade