We’ve all got them.

You have a choice.

Know them, check them and drive safely.  Ignore them and risk a car wreck.

How people perceive us matters in real estate sales.

It is important that our messages, both verbal and non-verbal, are received by others the way we intend, but many things can keep that from happening.  Our tone, our behaviour, our mindset can all interfere with our communication and it can affect how others perceive us.

We call these professional blind spots and if left unchecked they can derail an aspiring real estate entrepreneur as certainly as a car wreck.

Smart, enthusiastic and well-meaning realtors can be perceived in negative ways by their prospects, clients and colleagues simply because they don’t recognize that their attitude, beliefs or behaviours are holding them back.

Some of the negative perceptions I hear about realtors are:  abrupt, inflexible, intense, aggressive, self-serving, insensitive, pushy, elitist and overzealous.  I don’t imagine that any realtor sets out to be seen in this way – so how can we ensure that we come across the way we intend?

We need to identify our own blind spots!   Then we can check them and avoid the negativity of a misperception.

How?  Reach out to your friends, colleagues and past clients for honest feedback.  Think carefully about what you hear.  Learn to accept feedback as a valuable asset rather than a judgment or criticism.  Be prepared to adjust your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and continue to learn and adjust as your grow your business.

I have done a formal 350 degree style feedback for a number of my clients.  It is an anonymous survey of your past and current clients and colleagues.  It takes courage but the information about your strengths, assets and blind spots is invaluable to your success.