Alignment: A proposed business strategy
We’ve been discussing the similarities we see in the businesses of REALTORS who are really thriving, and one common theme is the idea of alignment throughout the business. What does this look like?
Know your values. What’s important to you?
Know your strengths. How do they align?
Align your systems with this. Build things that work for you. Align your marketing.
Now you’re attracting people who align with you, your style, and the unique things you bring to the table.
People who are intrigued by your marketing, in harmony with your systems, respect and honour your strengths, and share your values.
These people will actively refer you to people who align with them because they will have had an exceptional experience.
You don’t need to appeal to everyone. Just the right people.
This means you will be doing work in a way that empowers and energizes you.
It means you will be doing better work.
You will engage with new people organically because you like each other, and this means you’re confident that you are an excellent agent for them.
Which pieces need aligning in your business?
*originally written in January 2018