You can’t rush the growth of a Real Estate business. In the business of representing people through massive life decisions; trust, reputation, relationships, community, good work, and hard decisions are the bread and butter of your business. When we push someone into a home to get the deal, or cold call everyone we know relentlessly with a script that ignores their individuality, it might lead to a faster deal- but it’s not growing your business. In fact, it makes it all the more likely that each person you engage will slip away and you’ll be left without a source for new business. That isn’t growth; it’s spinning your wheels in the same spot.
The long game is key. The long game is scary.
And sometimes, the long game is an excuse.
The flip side is making sure that you’re not using the idea of the long game as an excuse to not work hard, to not go outside your comfort zone, to not keep growing.
If you can make a deal, and make a difference, this week- do it. Just make sure you’re doing it in a way that will bring business, community, and clients back to you in the future.
The balance is different for everyone. Do you know where yours is?
Ps. Suze is now on day 12 of the Vic Maui sailboat race and the recent report is that her boat is tied for first place, but there are days left to go. Keep up with the race here.