As real estate professionals, we likely know significantly more about the real estate processes than the clients do. How are things typically done. What are the possible outcomes of different choices. What are the nuances and how might they influence the outcome.
And yet, the process belongs to the client. They are the ones buying or selling real estate. They have complete and total autonomy on how they define the process.
You can tell them how it is. You can tell them how you work. You can tell them endless things. But if your process doesn’t align with theirs, they are going to hire someone who’s process does.
And so, our job is to listen to their needs, their perspective and their ideal process. Listen so deeply that we truly understand what is important to them. And then, we gracefully offer them options that we believe will bring them a better result. We offer those options with no personal attachment. We leave the decision up to them.
In the end, if the process they choose doesn’t work for us, we step back. We have either failed to convince them that a different process will bring better results, or we are wrong and the process they have chosen is better for them.
What can you do differently?