What’s Downstream: MLS Sold Data
What’s downstream now that the consumer has access to sold data?
CREA announced this week that it will make sold data available on realtor.ca as soon as possible.
What does this mean for you and your clients?
It means a more transparent market.
It means more informed consumers.
It means less opportunity for realtors to manipulate the information.
This is a really good thing for the consumer and it is a really good thing for strong ethical agents who bring value to their clients through the professional skills of strategy, negotiation, emotional intelligence and professional empathy. If you are good at what you do, this is your chance to shine.
If the only value you have been bringing to your clients is access to the MLS information, you need to quickly retool and get the skills that matter.
Not only will the consumer have access to this data, but third parties will also have access to it and this opens our market up to the tech tsunami that is rapidly changing the landscape of how real estate is bought and sold south of the border. To ensure your place in the new landscape, get informed, upgrade your skills and make a commitment to excellence.