My Buying Process Ends with Success
I figure since I shared the process of selling my Whistler Cabin and trying to buy a new home on the market, it wouldn’t be complete without me sharing the successful conclusion. On March 30th, I move into my new home in Deep Cove, North Saanich. It’s a perfect little house for me.
Here is what I learned through the process:
When the house is right, the price doesn’t matter that much. I made several low ball offers on other homes and I was happy to pay nearly asking for this one because it was right. Someone asked me yesterday, “Did you get a good deal?” and I answered, “I got the right house”.
Agent support matters. I am a seasoned real estate buyer and the process of buying was still emotional and worry filled for me. Having an agent(s) who took the time to help me understand the documentation, the local market, the process and support me in determining that this was the right home for me was really valuable. Good agents have an important role to play in the real estate transaction. A computer will never be able to be supportive.
You don’t need the team lead. I bought the house with Geoff McLean’s buyer agent Darren Neuhaus. Darren was excellent at what he did and I felt confident in his ability to get me the house. Hire and train great people to be on your team and you can be sure that your clients will be properly cared for.