Doctors build Private Practices.  Lawyers build Law Practices.  In fact, every type of independent service provider builds her Practice.

My dad was a radiologist and I can remember him speaking about building his Practice.  He worked for a large hospital and taught at the University, but the Practice was different.  The Practice was his private office where he saw patients in the evenings or on weekends.  I suspect he did this to make additional money and to have some clinical freedom.

What does “build a Practice mean?”  I think that it is about developing the habits and skills required to build a successful business.  A successful business needs an abundance of customers or clients so attracting them would be the habits and skills required.Mature businesswoman doing meditation exercises on the floor

You may attract them by being the very best, by being the most interesting, by being the most available, by offering something unique or perhaps by being the least expensive.  This is your story or brand.

The things is though – your potential customers or clients need to know about your story or brand.  I think the most important habit and skill to build a Practice is the ability to do the uncomfortable work of letting people know about you, your brand and your story.

A yoga practice is building the skills to be mindful and aware.  A Real Estate practice is building the skills to attract clients, in abundance – because when you attract clients in abundance, you are in an excellent situation to service them with the highest degree of integrity.  (See Dear Zuess article on Thursday)