Real Estate is a very competitive industry, and a very complicated one. To thrive in Real Estate, one must stand out from others by being excellent: knowledgeable, talented in negotiations, confident in connecting with and guiding their clients. It takes time and investment to develop one’s skills, but unless you’re smart about how you go about building your skills, you can risk neglecting the building of your business.

There is a huge amount of knowledge to learn, and often it can be hard to market yourself confidently if you don’t have those skills. However, while taking the time to learn everything and answer every question, you risk:

That’s why we make the argument for learning while doing. Finding ways to have your skills and business grow alongside and compliment each other is key to growing in business. While most education isn’t governed this way (though it’s coming back with co-op placements, alternative learning platforms, coaching and mentoring), it is the most natural way for humans to learn – we learn while doing in our historic roots, our childhood, and when we thrive in business.