I had scheduled appointments yesterday from 6am straight through until the time I had dinner with a client. Each appointment butted up against the prior one and included was a drive from Whistler to Vancouver with phone calls scheduled for the drive time.

We have all had many days like this. Are they busy, or are they just full?


On Tuesday night, as I contemplated my upcoming day, it occurred to me that I had a choice – see my day as super busy and get geared up for the frenetic pace and associated energy, or, see it as full and look forward to the various experiences that would come my way.

I, of course, chose the latter and I just had to share – I had an amazing day!

When we recognize that busy is a mindset, it gives us the freedom to choose a calm, curious and an open-minded mindset instead and to bring more of our potential to our daily activities.

Is your day busy, or is it full?