It seems like busy is a badge of pride these days.

“How are you?”

“I’m really busy!” and the tone of voice implying that they have earned so much business that they are now in the big leagues.

As a high performance coaching company, we are always measuring the performance of our clients and helping them make adjustments that will keep them performing optimally.  Busy, while sometimes unavoidable, often interferes with performance.  Sometimes, it enhances it.

Recently, The Nature of Real Estate has been honoured with a significant increase in business.  I am grateful and we are all working hard to ensure that we deliver the Busynesssame quality of service that I have delivered for the past five years because that is what essentially earned these new business opportunities.  We are busy.  We are quickly becoming aware that this busyness could interfere with the excellence that we strive for.  I am working nights and weekends.  I am training new staff.   We are creating new systems and we are making strategic decisions about what to say yes to and what to say no to.  The fear is that I will get tired, my creativity will suffer, and the quality of work could diminish.

The crucial question–when does busyness interfere and when does busyness enhance performance?

From my observations of high producing real estate agents, the moment that busyness becomes frenetic it becomes a real risk.  We need enough busyness to keep us alert, excited, and challenged. And, not so much that we feel overwhelmed, out of control, or tired.

A delicate balance, but saying no to something in the right moment may be your ticket to a bigger better business.