Ethics is a moral philosophy about right and wrong conduct.

Almost every coach, trainer and manager in real estate will tell you to call your sphere to get clients.  It’s the fastest, easiest way to find people that will do business with you because they already know and like you.

How do you feel when you think about making sales calls to the people you call friends?  Most of us get an uncomfortable foreboding feeling of anxiety mixed with a touch of fear and a bit of self-doubt. If you call your sphere using a script that is designed to get you business, it’s all about you, so to many of us this is perhaps unethical.

So what to do instead?

It takes creativity, legitimate caring, careful thought, and authenticity to have conversations that are about the other person, rather than about us and our business.

It takes a leap of faith to dig deep and create content and community that is based in generosity and providing unique value, trusting that the relationship it builds will come back to serve us.

It takes a nuanced understanding of what we already do that inspires and delights the clients we have to be able to bring that value to people we don’t yet work with.

Our industry has been teaching REALTORS for years now that to be successful, you must call your sphere and database endlessly asking for business. We challenge our own sphere, you, to do something different.

What do you already do that brings value to your community, your clients, and your sphere?