Real estate is self-regulated in most of Canada. BC is the only exception and BC REALTORS® are beginning to feel the pain of that reality. Self-regulation is worth protecting and to do that, everyone needs to contribute.


In Ontario, you have a chance to do that right now. OREA is asking registrants to complete this survey with important questions about stuff that will affect your business significantly. Some of the things up for discussion are: transparency in offers, definition of Trade, fines for no shows on appointments, restricting registration from criminals, making new home sales reps be registered and a host of other important issues. The first three have the potential to change the way you do business.

Every professional REALTOR® in Ontario ought to take the time to understand these important issues and put their thoughts into the survey.


I think we all care deeply about our industry but caring doesn’t count if you don’t get involved in shaping the rules and policies that affect us.   Complaining after the fact has no value. In Ontario, you have an easy way to have an impact right now.   For the rest of the country, getting involved with the organizations that oversee and govern our industry is an important part of being a professional.