Meditation has migrated from the mountaintops of Tibet to the Boardrooms of North America. Mindfulness is the all the fashion in the corridors of power including Google, Apple, Nike, Proctor and Gamble, Deutsche Bank – the list goes on. Can Mindfulness help REALTORS® too?

According to Harvard Business Review, Mindfulness increases resilience, collaboration, complex problem solving skills and situation awareness; while mindlessness leads to mistakes, accidents and errors.

Can this help us represent our clients more effectively?  How about helping us attract more people to our real estate practice?  You bet. People will hire you to represent them when they trust and respect you.  You can harvest hundreds of leads from your website landing pages, Facebook ads or Twitter feed but if you can’t make an authentic and meaningful connection with those people, they won’t hire you.  Earning professional trust fast is a result of appealing to both the head and the heart of the other person.  Earning this trust is a deliberate process that is fully based in awareness, responsiveness, attention and understanding.  All direct outcomes of mindfulness.

Mindfulness doesn’t need to be a full blown mediation practice.  Developing the habit of mindfulness at work can and StockSnap_1PPVGXVWDFshould be a way of being not a way of doing.

Great connectors, master negotiators and strategic problem solvers do not act mindlessly.  They have a deliberate approach to every situation.  They are fully aware, present, actively listening and responding rather than reacting.

If you find yourself on Auto-pilot or frenetically moving from task to task, are you doing a great job for your clients who have trusted you to represent and protect you?  Are you likely to attract high quality clients?

In just a few minutes a day, you can develop the mindfulness necessary to be a top performer.  Here is a 10 minute mindfulness practice that the folks at The Harvard Business Review Use or choose from among thousands available on line.

Ellen Langer,  the mother of corporate mindfulness shares her thoughts in the video below.  I love her quote, “ Stop spending time worrying about making the wrong decision and spend time making the right decision”  It’s worth the three minute watch about Mindfulness for Senior Executives.