Home invaderTo intrude: To thrust oneself in without invitation, permission, or welcome.

The fear of being intrusive is the biggest single factor holding realtors back from reaching their potential.

And so it should be.  We no longer tolerate interruptions, intrusions, or invaders of our personal time and space.

We’ve moved to permission based marketing.  We’ve created strong privacy laws.  Telemarketing no longer works.  Our culture has shifted and we need to shift with it if we want to continue to connect and engage with our potential clients.

space invader
Nowadays it’s easy to spot a space invader and effortlessly avoid them. Don’t be a space invader, engage your clients with an Unscripted Sales approach.

The easy response is to create a Facebook page, tweet out some real estate content, link to other professionals and hope that some business comes our way – EASY — except that it doesn’t work.

We need to have deliberate conversations that are meaningful and valuable to our potential clients that are non-intrusive, not non-existent.

It is intrusive to make assumptions about what people think, feel, or want.It is non-intrusive to ask and listen with curiosity.

To be non-intrusive we must learn to give up that part of ourselves that needs to be right and important.  To silence the part of us that needs to speak.  To suspend our judgements and to search out what really matters to the speaker.

To be non-intrusive is masterful sales.  It is the Unscripted Sales approach.