Choosing Your Future

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Choosing Your Future


It’s hard right now.  Our holiday plans are being interrupted, our ability to connect in person is diminishing and most of us are feeling some anxiety about the future.    It’s both this damn virus but it’s also the polarization that is emerging in our society.

Our social reality is changing dramatically.

It’s time to decide.   Are you going to flourish and thrive in this new world?

This is a decision each of us are making right now. Whether it’s conscious or by default, our actions, behaviours, and mindsets are choosing the future that we will live.

I am committed to finding joy, meaning and success in the new social order; for me, for my family and close friends, and for my realty tribe.

As our lives move more virtual, there are some critical skills that will be required to stay viable and valuable.   Many of those are technical skills.  The complexity of technology is and will continue to multiply.    I’m building a new tech stack and I am sure that it will continue to evolve forever.

Our thinking and mindset skills will be equally important.

We will need to become adept at accepting uncertainty, shifting perspectives, emotional intelligence, self-management, empathy, curiosity and myriad other internal skills.

Our ability to learn and adapt quickly will be the difference between those that make the shift and those that get left behind.   Learning to learn might be the new mantra for 2022.

I’m creating a learning platform for the real estate world that will be on demand online.   My learning curve is massive.   My first course, the CNE refresher will be released January 15th.  It will be packed with valuable content to build your negotiation muscles.  It will also be packed with mistakes that new online course creators must endure on their journey to excellence.   I hope you will join me and offer your input on what you need in a learning platform.

I am already in the process of developing courses on high level sales, self-coaching, developing emotional intelligence and more.

It’s going to be a wild journey and I hope you will join me.