Coach, Don’t Sell

Coaching is defined as unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance.  

It is especially valuable for entrepreneurs and other independent businesspeople, like us, who need to both attract clients and serve them.  

Our world of competing duties as sales manager, operations manager, CEO, marketing director, and more can cause us to feel overwhelmed and anxious. It can also lead us to feel empowered, excited, and proud. Mostly, we flip between these two sets of emotions day by day and even moment by moment.  

One of the most exciting things emerging from The Nature of Sales Beta testing group is that the participants are finding enormous value in “self-coaching.” The tools that we are experimenting with are helping them to find the clarity required to improve their business.  

In this test group, we are working to adapt coaching skills to sales skills. I am doing this due to watching countless people take my coach training program and have their real estate sales increase dramatically. Coaching skills are just very high-level communications skills. Ok, I admit, very high level. Coaching skills are designed to go much deeper into someone’s inner world than ordinary communications skills do, but this may be why they work well. The decisions people make around real estate are often some of the most important decisions in their life. Having a “coach” to help them makes a lot more sense than having a salesperson.

So, a coach approach can help real estate agents build a better business, and it can help them serve their clients at a higher level. When we combine these two things, I imagine that our life as a REALTOR® will get a whole lot easier, more fun, and more successful.  

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to learn these unique and valuable skills.