Known as the Granddaddy of Real Estate coaching, Mike Ferry recently spoke with Inman news about coaching.  He stands firm in his belief that a coach must be a hard-nosed bully to effectively help people become successful real estate salespeople.   He states that 50% of his clients don’t last very long but that many others have built exceptionally successful real estate practices.

He’s Right

Mike Ferry was a grizzled old guy when I began in the business in 1985.  His no BS approach has helped 1000’s of people create fantastic businesses and lives and he has had an impact on the real estate industry.  Thank you Mike – your scripts made me a lot of money over the years!

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Where does this style of coaching fit in the modern world of real estate?  Things are changing very fast.  Technology changes beneath our fingers as we type, social patterns are hardly recognizable, cultural influence is huge, fear is lurking below the surface and uncertainty is the new norm.

What gets in our way is far more complicated than it used to be.

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While coaching for compliance is better than not getting support, professional coaching with highly trained individuals who have learned how to enable human potential may be a more effective method for many people.

High level coaches deliver what the client needs in the moment.  It might be some tough love to help them do what they need to do to get where they want to go.  It might be helping them see things from a different perspective so that new, better solutions are available.  It might be supporting them to build a mindset that will attract potential clients.  Modern coaching is a diverse art.

Professional business coaching outside of real estate has grown exponentially over the past decade.  It is a multibillion dollar industry worldwide and the research and development that is coming out of this is phenomenal. There are scientific approaches to helping people fulfill their potential, overcome their barriers and integrate with our complicated world in a comfortable way.  My belief is that real estate is ready for this level of coaching.   Are you?