Michael O’Brien, a top producing agent in central Toronto is incredibly successful with his prospecting calls to his geographic farm in Cabbagetown.  He has generously agreed to share his secrets.  Enjoy and if you need an exceptional agent in central Toronto to refer clients to,  Michael is an excellent choice.  www.michaelobrien.ca

* Calling is best in an area you are “farming”. Pick 4-5 hundred houses where you are comfortable, or a condo building or 2, and concentrate on them. This means sending flyers, maybe some door knocking and cold calling. Ideally it should be where you live; that gives you instant credibility. However, you can call anywhere!

Have something to say and/or ask. You could call to tell them about a property that has just sold or has just been listed. Could be one that you just sold or listed, or someone else’s. If not that, you could tell them what a great spring market we’re having, or how few properties are on the market “such a great time for Sellers!   You could say you have a buyer looking in the neighbourhood. (this should be vaguely true in case they say “bring ‘em over right now!)

* I like to call in the morning during the week; 9-12; after they’ve gone to work and while I’m still perky. Depending on the neighbourhood you will find maybe 20-40% of people at home. So you have to be prepared to leave a message or to speak to a real person. Saturday is good too between about 10:30 and 1 pm. Many people will be at home.

* If you’re leaving a message, speak clearly, talk slowly and lower your voice as low as you can manage. Tell them why you are calling. Ask if they would like an opinion of value or that if they have any thoughts of selling or moving, to please get in touch. I use my name at the beginning and at the end I again say “and it was Michael O’Brien calling”.

* sample script: Good Morning. This is Michael O’Brien calling from Bosley Real Estate. Last week I sold the house at 361 Sackville Street. We had 4 offers and it sold well over asking. If you have any thoughts about moving or selling please give me a call; I’d love to speak with you. There is so little on the market, it’s just an excellent time for Sellers. My number is 416XXXXX. My number at Bosley is XXXXX, And again, it’s Michael O’Brien calling.

* If they answer, you have to try and draw them into conversation. Remember the goal is to get an appointment to actually meet with them and see their house.  You could start as above. You could ask how long they’ve lived there. If they’re conversational you can tell them any real estate news you know about the neighbourhood. You could ask if they are curious about the present value of their home. (I always check TREB before calling so I’m not calling anything that’s listed. And if it has sold in the last 2 years at least I know that as well) I am amazed how pleasant most people actually are. Maybe 1/100 times is someone snotty. If they say they’re staying put but might think of selling next year, ask if you can call them then. (and do call them then) If they’re renovating ask if they need any tradespeople.

* Bosley’s policy is that we should use Real Web Leads calling software and not call anyone on the DNC list. (Do Not Call).