lake dockHey – it’s summer time and the livin’ is easy.  Or is it?  The kids are finished school, people are slowing down, the highways out of town are getting nasty, and you’re likely thinking, “Should I just kick back for a bit, relax, and recharge?  I mean there isn’t anything going on anyway.”

If you’ve had an incredible year-to-date, you’re ahead of your projections and you’re feeling on the edge of burning out – go for it.  Hand your business off to someone you trust, grab the people you love and head for the hills (or the dock, or the mountains, or whatever moves your soul).

For the rest of us, here are some interesting statistics. In 2012, in Toronto, more homes were sold in July than in January, February, August, September, October, November or December. That makes it the fifth strongest month of the year.  August wasn’t far behind.    This graph below belies the myth that the real estate market in Toronto dies in the summer.

toronto chart

Monthly sales numbers for Toronto 2012

The other interesting fact is that many of your toughest competitors will be out of town and out of your way.

The summer is a great time to get out there and make stuff happen.  It’s a good time to get your value buyers into a property.  It’s a good time to help investors find that hidden gem that wasn’t showing up in the busy market, and it’s a good time to use your negotiation skills to help your clients take advantage of some awesome opportunities.

AND, the best opportunity about working in the summer is the chance to have relaxed, authentic conversations with people in your sphere, your farm area, at open houses – or just out and about.

There is a significant behaviour change in the summer, at least in Toronto where I sold real estate for over 25 years.  People relax, let down their hair, let go of their crazy schedules and settle into a pace of life usually reserved for our rural neighbours.

The combination of prospects being open to conversations and our competitors being out of the picture is an opportunity too sweet for any aspiring real estate entrepreneur not to take advantage of.

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