A lot can change in a week.


I am uncertain about what to write today.


On one hand, I want to be optimistic and give you all a road map through this uncertain time.

On the other hand, I want to be realistic and help you make good plans for what might be ahead.


It’s an impossible tension as no one, including the World Health Organization and our government has a clear idea of what is in store as a result of the COVID-19 and the Stock Market correction.


While the world is always uncertain, it feels much more so right now.


I have to make decisions about upcoming negotiation courses that are scheduled all across the country over the next 10 weeks.   If they are cancelled, which is looking more likely each day, my business will be basically shuttered until the fall.


The process to make the decision is tricky.


As REALTORS you will also need to make some decisions.   Some will be tricky.


My process is to be rational in the face of the uncertainty.

There are multiple outcomes that are possible.

I am trying to consider all of them and not just the outcome that I want to be true.


It’s an interesting time.  Be the observer, make smart decisions and see the big picture that this too will pass in time.