In our final article in this three part blog about difficult negotiators, we will examine the Intentional Hard Bargainer –or as I’ve called them in our MCNE courses – the Well Trained Competitive Negotiator.

This builds on the last two posts,  The Accidental Hard Bargainer and The Reluctant Hard Bargainer.

The Intentional Hard Bargainer is the negotiation counterpart who truly believes that being manipulative, coercive, and aggressive will lead to the best outcome.  They may try to manipulate you by using anger, hurt feeling and even psychological instability to get what they want.   Manipulative negotiators are often quite effective at convincing their opponents to agree to their demands.  Research shows that many negotiators will actually back down in the face of highly competitive tactics so it is imperative that we learn how to deal with this type of negotiator.


As real estate professionals, we get paid to negotiate on behalf of our clients so it is our fiduciary duty to be skilled at negotiations; especially when a difficult opponent is on the other side.

We don’t have to like them.  Dealing with difficult negotiators doesn’t mean we like them or even agree with them but it does mean acknowledging that you understand their point of view.  If you don’t want to shake hands with the devil, you shouldn’t take on the job of negotiating on behalf of other people.

Whether your aggressive negotiation counterpart is dangerously angry or mildly annoying, the same skills are required to get the best outcome for your side.

Nothing will work every time and there are some situations that you just can’t solve but preparing for tough negotiations in advance and using these valuable tools, you should be able to bring most skilled negotiators around enough to get the deal done.