Why Questions Matter!

This is a must read.

I reached out today to a realtor in Sometown, Canada. I have a friend who wants to purchase a home there in the next few months and asked me to help them find a great REALTOR®. I didn’t have any Nature of Real Estate clients or CNE grads in Sometown, so I used the internet to search out three agents who seemed to be successful.

What happened was very eye opening.

I called on three specific properties we had found online. All three agents did a version of the same thing. They took down the addresses and asked when we wanted to see them. We told them we were available next weekend and all three of them said something along the lines of “great – I’ll look these up and get back to you.”

My response to the buyers – don’t use any of these agents.  These agents are order takers and are offering no value to you as a buyer. Red Haired Retro Receptionist Blowing a Bubble Isolated on a White Background.

If you recognize yourself in this equation – read the rest of this blog post and get some quality training – fast!

What do to when a potential buyer contacts you vie email, internet, twitter, telephone or telepathy (my metaphor for all other possible ways of connecting in this digital age!)

Thank them for their inquiry and ask them what you can do to help. When they answer with some specific property addresses, note them down and ask them what attracted them to these properties. When they answer, build your next question from their answer.

Text Box Building Rapport - Bigger and Bolder

If the properties they called on are appropriate for them, you may choose to show those properties and use them as an opportunity to meet, but the goal is to get a chance to have a meeting with them and establish the buyer and buyer agent relationship. This leads to the interview and then the signing of the BRA, BBA or whatever the exclusive buyer representation agreement in your province is called.

We use an approach called intentions to help you earn the right to MOVE MORE PEOPLE. When a prospect reaches out, use these intentions:  #1 Connect (build rapport fast) #2 Gather information (be curious and ask great questions) #3 Arrange for a meeting (only if they qualify).

Stay tuned for more articles on how to get great clients and MOVE MORE PEOPLE.