A high level of success in Real Estate comes to those who manage the intersection of technological, social and business forces strategically. Being busy is in direct conflict with being strategic.


Being strategic is our ability to identify long term goals and achieve them. It takes creativity, positive energy, an open mindset, collaboration and access to our highest thinking.

These are the skills and strengths being busy eliminates.

Here are some quotes I have been collecting from REALTORS® during my recent travels;

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The busy problem is pandemic. Not just to Real Estate professionals but to our entire western business culture. The pace of life is accelerating and our customer’s expectations are increasing. The external pressure to be busy is enormous. And yet, if busyness steals our ability to be empathetic, reflective and strategic, our business will flounder, our customer relationships will falter, our health and well-being will fail.

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What does it take to stop the busy cycle?

  1. Awareness that busy is a dead end route to your success
  2. Commitment to change the way you think about busy
  3. Switch from focusing on actions to focusing on results
  4. Respond instead of react
  5. Assess the relevancy of everything
  6. Master the art of NO
  7. Know that a salesperson’s greatest asset is empathy

Imagine a life where you have time to think: To think about your clients’ needs, to think about the smartest strategies, to think about what really matters and have the opportunity to bring your highest thinking to every encounter.

You will Move More People.