Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Income – Is This a Myth?

There is a book called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith.  I read it back in 2007 when I was studying executive coaching and it helped to change my perspective on human potential and human performance.

Coaches like to claim that their clients will double or triple their income if they hire them.  Is this possible?

Short answer:  Yes.  Real Answer:  Highly unlikely but possible so let’s see how that could happen.

To become a master coach with The Nature of Real Estate you need to have a consistent track record of helping real estate professionals create profound improvements in their business.  In many cases, this means an increase in earned commissions of 100%-300%.  It could also mean building a team, opening a brokerage or maintaining your business volume while experiencing some significant life challenge.

The remarkable thing that each of these accomplishments share is that you must fundamentally change the way you do things to achieve
this level of success.  You cannot just do more.    If you want to triple your income you can’t work three times as hard.  It’s not possible.  Selling 40 houses can’t be twice as much work as selling 20 and still be a plausible plan.  Listing 90 properties for sale can’t be three times as much work as listing 30 if you actually want to do it and not just dream it.  Did you know that there are individual agents in the US who do over 1000 transactions per year? How is this possible?

 “If you want to triple your income you can’t work three times as hard.  It’s not possible.”

You need new skills, new systems, new behaviors and most importantly, a new perspective on our business.  In other words, you need to change the way you see, change the way you think and change the way you behave.  Change is hard.

The hardest thing about change is letting go of what we currently believe to be true so that we are able to build new habits that are highly effective.  This requires the courage to receive honest feedback, the self-awareness to understand your bad habits and the patience to take the many small steps required to achieve sustainable change.

Successful agents are often delusional when it comes to their achievements.  Their mediocre communication skills and aggressive negotiation techniques may have served them well getting to their current level of success but to get to the next level likely takes a completely different skill set and perspective.

“Selling 100 properties is a completely different business model than selling fifty and selling fifty properties is a completely different model than selling 25.” 

butterfly-metamorphosis-iA highly trained and experienced coach has the skill to help you with these significant and challenging changes.  In fact, very few people in the world make the types of foundational change required for high level success without the help of a highly skilled coach, mentor or consultant.

If you want to discard your bad habits for good, you’ll need the guidance, support and recognition from someone who knows how to encourage and inspire top level human performance.