When a person or an organization is excellent at what they do, the demand for their services is strong and attracting clients is easy.  Nowhere is this more true than in real estate.

I know this first hand from the top agents that we coach.

If you think you are excellent at selling real estate but are having trouble attracting enough clients, it’s time to take a deep look at what excellence in real estate is.

Let’s use an analogy:   A Massage Therapist.

Think of a massage therapist who is exceptionally good at what she does.   She will have a roster of regular clients and a wait list for appointments.  People will book weeks or months in advance to reserve their spot on her schedule.  She won’t have to do any marketing or prospecting at all.

Now consider a massage therapist who is pretty good at what she does.  She is very interested in the human body, has studied hard and cares about the people she hopes to serve.   All good and important traits but not enough to be considered excellent.  While some of her clients will see her consistently because they like her, many will not and more importantly, most will not refer her to other people.

Should this pretty good massage therapist spend time marketing and prospecting her services, or should be get better at her work?

Obvious right?  But in real estate, almost all the training and coaching you’ve been getting is about prospecting and marketing and not about getting really good at real estate.

So, what does excellence in real estate look like?

While caring about your clients and being passionate about homes helps drive excellence, it is not in itself important.  What is important is what the client experiences when they work with you.  Each client is unique and has unique needs, expectations and goals.  Our ability to understand our clients deeply, from their perspective, adapt to that perspective, and then deliver on those needs, expectations and goals is at the heart of excellence.

It’s harder than it initially sounds but as your skills in the area of human connection, professional empathy, strategic thinking and negotiations develop, you will see remarkable changes in the way people interact with you.   They will see you as the expert and enthusiastically work with you to obtain their desired outcomes.

You’ll be trusted, respected and appreciated.

And enthusiastically referred.