One of the trickiest parts of the real estate business is winning the listing presentation when you are in competition against other agents.
The seller often holds one or more of the Three Common Misconceptions that Hurt Sellers and they may make their decision on who to hire based on these mistruths.


Many agents will appease people by feeding these misconceptions to secure the listing and then be aggressive with the seller to get the home sold.  This is never in the best interest of the seller but these agents don’t care about that.

So, what if you could significantly reduce the odds of being in competition for the listing and therefore be free to be authentic, truthful and use all of your expertise to work with and for the seller to obtain the very best outcome?

All you have to do is find the sellers rather than waiting for the sellers to find you.

If a seller contacts you as a result of your marketing you can be absolutely sure they are contacting other agents the same way.  They don’t find one website, fill in the form and hire that agent.  If they are the type of people who contact agents via marketing, they will contact several that they feel have the quality of marketing that speaks to them.  Then they will interview each of these agents and hire the one they feel will do the best job for them.

This is the listing presentation process and winning this process is critical to your success.  Unfortunately, it’s not always the best agent that wins – often it is the agent who tells the sellers what they want to hear.

The alternative is to find sellers through direct human contact and personal recommendations and to build strong relationships based on trust and respect.  This is commonly called prospecting but I like to refer to it as business development.  If you reach out into your community (be this geographic, demographic or social) and have conversations with people about real estate, you have the opportunity to build relationships which will lead to high-quality business without the competition.

This frees you up to give them your very best expertise without using sales trickery to win the listing.

You won’t be competition free every time but if someone likes and trusts you they are far less likely to reach out to other agents. Just one more reason to find a way to do the uncomfortable work so you can build a comfortable and successful real estate business.