Excellence, Expertise, Experience. You need all three and the best way to get them is to Learn While Doing.

Real Estate is competitive and complicated.  You need to be exceptional if you want to stand out from the masses of mediocre real estate agents.

This means continuous learning about all aspects of real estate. The areas of expertise that are required are vast and if you sat in a classroom or in an online learning environment as your main source of learning you would:

  1. Have no time to sell real estate and go broke
  2. Know only the theory as you have not integrated the learning into experience

Now, this coming from a trainer of real estate skills may seem odd but those who know me, know that I am deeply committed to helping real estate professionals gain the important skills that are essential to representing their clients better. I facilitate learning, I don’t teach.

And I know that people learn best by doing.  Just look at babies.  Babies have a mountain of critical information to learn quickly in the early hours, days and weeks of their lives.  They don’t go to class or read a textbook.  They watch, try, fail and try again until they get it. Their parents, caregivers and siblings are their mentors and coaches.  They watch them and get ideas to try out.  They get feedback and suggestions.  Ideally they get support and appreciation.

Excellence, Expertise, Experience

If you want to be exceptional at real estate, find ways to integrate your learning into your doing.  Take great courses but know that integrating that learning into your work with a good mentor or coach is going to get you to the top faster.