Dear Zuess,
It’s January and I don’t have as many good leads as I’d like. In fact, I’m sort of twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do. My broker told me to call my past clients and see who they know who may want to make a move this spring. I’ve been thinking about it but I feel really bad that I haven’t kept in touch and now I am only calling to get business. What else can I do to get 2015 rolling?

Deepak, Calgary

Dear Deepak,

You could do lots of things but if you are unwilling to reconnect with your existing customer base you will always struggle in real estate sales.

Likely you are reluctant to reach out to your past clients for one of the following reasons:

1. You are afraid that they have moved and you blew your opportunity to represent them again.
2. You are worried that they hate the house and will blame you for putting them into it.
3. You think they will be cold or even unpleasant because you dropped them and stopped communicating with them as soon as they purchased a home.

Do any of these land with you?

This is your own mind playing games with you and holding you back from building the real estate business you deserve. If they’ve moved, they’ve moved. You blew it and the sooner you face that reality the sooner you will improve. If they hate the house you would have heard already and it’s not your fault anyway. If it’s number three (and it nearly always is) then realize that there is no manual for home buyers that says, “Your agent should call you three times a year to stay in touch and if they don’t be sure to never do business with them again and never refer them to your friends and family.”

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Your past clients will be happy to hear from you. (Assuming that you are a professional and ethical agent who did a good job servicing their needs in the first place). If it’s been four years, so what. The worst case isn’t all that bad and the best case? Maybe they are thinking of making a move this spring!