Being a real estate agent can be a very busy business.  I get 911 calls where agents are overwhelmed and out of control trying to manage the chaos of their businesses.

They are acting frenetically:  The word frenetic has its roots in Middle English meaning confused or insane.

When we try to do too much, when we rush too fast, our mind fails to keep pace with our actions and the results is confusion, distraction and  poor performance.  We spin our wheels, make mistakes and generally cause mayhem for ourselves, our clients and anyone else we may come into contact with.

If you want to be a top performer in any field; athletics, performing arts or business, you will need to learn how to perform at your optimum peak performance.

Being Overwhelmed is optional.  To improve your performance you will need to step away from being busy.

You may have alot to do, but that is different from being busy.

There are five important elements to operating at your peak performance.

1.  Relax and reduce stress.  A little stress keeps us alert and aware.  An abundance of stress causes our minds to get cluttered and to perform poorly.

2.  Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet:  There is a lot of research on this subject and it all points clearly to a strong connection betweeen physical wellbeing and peak performance.  From my personal experience and from the experience of dozens of my clients, I know this to be true!

3.  Get high quality sleep. Without sleep, the brain doesn’t function at its full potential.

4.  Be knowledgeable and confident in your work:  If your work is too easy or too difficult it will effect your ability to operate at your peak performance.

5.  Take time off:  Take short breaks during the day.  Take longer breaks each week.  Take vacations often.

They seem simple.  They aren’t.  Being an entrepreneur creates an environment where we believe we need to work longer hours, have more clients, do more marketing, write more content, make more calls, go to more events and on and on.  We feel a huge amount of pressure to always be doing more.

To become a top producer in real estate we need to have the confidence and the belief that working at our peak performance will get us to the top while working frenetically will not.

Once we accept this, then it takes faith and discipline to be able to maintain the mindset for peak performance consistently.

There willl always be pressure to work harder and faster but the greatest rewards lie in being more, not doing more.