Fuel Your Goals with Passion

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Fuel Your Goals with Passion


“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  George Harrison

Are you thinking about your goals for 2022?

As the end of the year approaches, many of us feel the opportunity to reflect, evaluate and adjust or reset our goals for the coming year.

Some of us just want to wing it and see what shows up and that’s ok, if you are ok with what shows up.  This is what both the Cheshire Cat and George Harrison are saying in different ways.

Goals matter if we want to create long term happiness and yet, most people who set goals and make new year’s resolutions will fail.

We know this.  But why?

Making tons of money, being number one, or being slim just isn’t meaningful enough for most people to do the hard work to obtain that goal.   Sure, it would be nice.  Really nice but nice isn’t enough.

To be successful at obtaining goals, big goals, you’ll want to find the meaning and the purpose behind those dreams.   When you know why those things are important to you, you can build the perseverance and the persistence to do the work required to succeed.

Try this fun and simple exercise.  (If you actually write down the responses to the next series of questions, the value of the exercise increases 10 fold).

Answer these questions thoughtfully

  1. What do I want?
  2. What’s important about that?
  3. What are my options?
  4. What will I do now?
  5. What will I do next?

If you did this thoughtfully and allowed yourself to dig deep, you should have uncovered the deeper passion behind your dreams.   This passion is the fuel to get you into action on the right steps forward.   You may want to repeat this exercise a few times until you feel excited about the answers.

Below I have included my own personal answers to these questions as an example.

Here’s my example:

  1. What do I want? I want to continue to build a life where I can have a balance between my sailing and other outdoor adventures and helping to influence the real estate industry so that good agents can be of valuable service to the consumer.
  2. What’s important about that? Life is short and I want to experience all that I can.  While I could just retire and spend my remaining years adventuring, I feel a huge amount of joy and pride when I know that my work with realtors means that thousands of consumers are having a significantly better experience buying and selling homes.  In many cases, their quality of life will be significantly improved when their realtor does better work for them.  This excites me and makes me feel like I matter.
  3. What are my options? If I want to reach more people and still have time to adventure, I could put my material online on a more affordable and accessible platform.  I’d have the short-term tension of learning a new tech stack but with a high level of organization I could do it.   I could also hire a team of people to help me.   I could also partner with someone who has complimentary skills.   I’d like to explore all options while I am still moving forward
  4. What now? Block time to study the software programs that I have chosen. Commit to staying very fit so that the adventures are successful.  Manage my time carefully.
  5. What next? Roll out the first online course for January 15th.  Rebrand The Nature of Real Estate.  Have three online courses by May 2022.  Find a technology partner/associate.