Continuing with the discussion from last week, we are starting to see a clearer picture of what changes are on the horizon in the Real Estate Industry. Emerging technology will: allow clients to have more information and understanding, agents to complete more deals more efficiently, and as a result, we may see lower commissions with significantly higher transaction numbers.

In light of these changes, one can see a lot of merit in the team model as a tactic for providing exceptional service, support, and expertise to a continuously increasing volume of clients. One can also see that it means more competition, and hence a push for excellence. One emerging model identified by Mike Delprete is that of specialization of team members in different areas of expertise.

It’s a fascinating idea, and if it works, it could be amazing for clients. With this model, the team leader takes on the role of defining the culture and values of the team, creating a highly integrated system that is seamless, and empowering their team members to truly be experts in their specific field through high-level coaching and training. It means more complexity, more agency on the part of team members, and more high-level leadership abilities needed for the team leader.

Is this where teams are headed? Perhaps. Regardless, we know that the landscape is changing, scaling, and demanding excellence- and this will only be amplified for teams. There’s a lot to explore.

If you’re thinking about how to meet these emerging models and evolutions as a team leader, let us know. Suze is gathering a group of team leaders for a strategy and skill building session that will take place in August of this year, to work leadership skills, team building skills, and the coaching skills that are key to empowering a leading edge team.