REALTORS® can spend huge amounts of money on flyers, billboards, and bus shelters in their farm area to try and become established in a community. We see it in almost every neighbourhood and from almost every successful REALTOR®. But before setting off to pour huge amounts of resources into these things, it’s crucial to ask, does Geographic Farming work?


Our answer: absolutely. But Geographic Farming is about a lot more than meets the eye.


An important realization is that Geographic Farming isn’t about advertising in a neighbourhood, but about building community. This means caring about the people, understanding the issues, and contributing to the evolution of that community. This is fostered by being generous, by caring about the people around you, by being curious about what’s happening for the individuals – who they are, what they are experiencing.


Fliers and billboards alone do not accomplish much. They don’t win elections for politicians, sell concerts for musicians, or get clients for REALTORS®. They do build recognition, smoothing the path to community building, connection, and actual presence.


Find a way to build recognition that aligns with how you build community, that’s what’s at the heart of a good geographic farm.