Golden Opportunity

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Build a business that matters


This market is your golden opportunity to build a business that matters. 

It’s tricky to put deals together in a transitioning market.   Buyers are sitting on the fence with uncertainty, sellers are waiting anxiously to see what happens, the media is selling Armageddon and you are in the midst of it all.    

This is a market that favours those with high level negotiation and dealmaking skills. People need REALTORS® who can and will do the work to help them make great decisions about housing.  If someone is talking to a REALTOR®, they are giving some thought to making a move.  When they say they are going to wait and see, what that really means is they would like to know more, understand more and move forward when the time is right.   This is our opportunity to engage with them, build the head and heart trust critical to agency relationships and be the one they choose to represent and protect them.

The agents who will lead the pack when the market settles out are the ones having deliberate conversations with people now. These aren’t scripted, agenda driven sales conversations.  These are conversations that help people interface with the reality of the current market and make deliberate decisions about how they should move forward.

Real estate is not a lead gen business.   We are professional negotiators are our job is to get deals done.  Sure, you need clients – that’s a given.   No clients, no deals.   In this market and moving forward through the recession, it will be your skills that will attract clients and get deals done.    

When reality is in flux, a powerful negotiator becomes an observer and a facilitator of perspectives.