Haliday, Not Stressiday

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Enjoying the Holiday Season


Welcome to the holidays. A time of peace and joy.  Right?

The December holiday has become a time of massive stress for many people.  It can be a time of excess, overwhelm and difficult to meet expectations. This year might be worse as we face a soft market, an uncertain economy and personal fatigue.

The Etymology of the word holiday is simply Holy and Day.  Even Haliday c: 1220 and hāligdæg c:900 refer to a day exempt from work to recognize a spiritual event.  

What if we held true to that definition and found peace and joy on the upcoming holiday?    If you enjoy the busyiness of the season, go for it.   But if you don’t, why not give yourself permission to step back and redefine what the holidays mean to you and your loved ones. 

Your clients don’t work with you because you send them a Christmas card or drop off some sort of gift.   They work with you because you are good at what you do, and they trust you.   

If you are feeling the weight of a challenging year, recharging your batteries over the holidays may be more valuable to your clients than a card.  

My feeling is that the liquidity will return to most markets in the new year and the agents who are rested, optimistic and in a mindset of curiosity and service will be well set up for success.   

If you are feeling financially pinched, why not forgo the excesses of the season and give the gift or your presence and love to the people who matter to you.