Long term success comes from having the resiliency to change and evolve with the times.

Are you ready?   2020 has arrived and with it the excitement, the possibilities and the uncertainty.   Our world is changing fast.  Faster than ever before and Real Estate is changing right along with it.  Change is inevitable and those who evolve with the changes will not only survive, but thrive.

The changing of the calendar year is bitter sweet.   On the one hand, we feel a sense of renewal and a chance to begin again.  On the other, we reflect on our world and acknowledge a certain amount of concern and worry.

The climate is changing and ignoring this fact would be catastrophic.  (watch for nasty comments from deniers)

Real Estate is changing and ignoring these changes, while not catastrophic, could be career ending.

The changes in Real Estate are exciting.  What we are seeing in the US is a foundational change in the way real estate is traded.  Canada lags behind and this gives us time to prepare and adapt so that we are ready to serve our clients in the way they want and deserve to be served.

This is evolution.  Those who adapt will survive and those who don’t fall by the wayside.  This is natural selection. We are not separate from nature, we are nature.

I am committed to delivering the information, the tools, the perspective and the strategies to help REALTORS® who want to thrive in the new real estate environment to succeed.   2020 will be the year that The Nature of Real Estate becomes more courageous.

Are you with us?

Change is hard but as successful entrepreneurs, you’ve done hard work before.   This is just a different kind of “hard”.  It’s not necessarily more hours, more speed and more exertion.   It’s more reflection, more acceptance, more strategy. It’s being open minded to seeing things in a new way.   It’s going deeper, not faster.

Let’s start by calling the people who buy and sell real estate citizens instead of consumers.

Let’s see those citizens as people who need help making important decisions about housing, not as leads.

Let’s focus our learning on how to serve our people better and not on how to make more money.

We have a runway.  Let’s use it to improve our skills, commit to serve and be ready for the significant changes that are coming our way.