Performance = Potential – Interference

Therefore, reducing interference will have the greatest impact on improving performance.

performance vs interference

Where does interference come from?   There is external interference – things like market conditions, competition, family responsibilities, sickness, etc. There is internal interference – things like limiting beliefs, assumptions, self-doubts, unfounded fears, mindset, etc.

While both internal and external interferences are problematic, you have the most control over the internal ones and this is where you can make the most improvement.

As our world continues to evolve and the connection economy matures, your ability to understand your own and others’ internal worlds matters. In fact, the changing nature of sales demands you become highly skilled in the fields of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Social Intelligence (SQ) and Practical Empathy (PE).

This is true for each stage of the real estate sales process. From our work to attract high quality clients, through the maze of the buying and selling process and right through to successful closing, our ability to understand and manage our emotions, our clients’ emotions and the emotions on the other side of the table are paramount to creating great experiences and great outcomes.

I’ve often tweeted, “To be referred, you must be referable”.

Ask yourself what would create the environment where your clients were confident to refer you to serve their friends and family? Being good isn’t enough. You need to have the mechanics of real estate down pat and in addition, you need the skills to make the entire process of buying and selling real estate understandable, comfortable, meaningful and enjoyable.   When you master this, you will Move More People®.

Let’s Make 2016 Remarkable!