We all know that the world of real estate is changing quickly.  Technology, iBuyers, amalgamation, team structures, anti-trust suits, government intervention, the list goes on.

Let’s get ahead of this thing.  If we have good information about all the changes we can be strategic about positioning ourselves and our teams for success in the future.

The word coming out of the C Suite in the big firms in the US is that the number of agents will drop by between 30% – 70%.  The agents who remain will do more transactions at lower rates.  Only good agents will survive and they will serve more clients and make a fair living.  The truly innovative ones will see these changes as amazing opportunities and brand-new real estate titans will emerge.  So, what’s this innovation look like?

It starts with quality information, an open mind, a willingness to learn, to see things in new ways and to develop the skills that are truly valuable to people buying and selling real estate.

The challenges that people experience making decisions around Real Estate aren’t going to change.  Many will still need an expert to help them make these important decisions and good agents are well poised to assist.

The right housing decisions are intrinsic to our happiness and well-being”   -Suze Cumming

I’ll do my part in bringing you the best information I can gather.  I am heading to Scottsdale Arizona for a conference with some of the most powerful women in real estate to discuss these exact issues.   Then, late in July, I’m heading to the Inman conference in Las Vegas.  Not to peddle my goods but to listen, learn, ask and seek to understand everything I can about our market.  What happens in the US will happen here.  We just have a little more time.

Together we can develop the mindset and the strategies that will see us at the top of the new market.  Perhaps we become known as Real Estate Strategists or even Housing Strategists?