How to Rock 2023!

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Things are changing quickly.  

I played around with Open AI and like everyone else, was pretty blown away by what it can do.   I asked it to write a couple of blog posts for me. 

They are linked below.    I won’t be publishing these of course.  They aren’t mine and some important things are missing.  Can you tell what they are?   

The evolution of AI is going to change our world.   Many jobs will disappear, and many more will be significantly altered.  New opportunities will emerge. Since I am an information provider and my job might be at risk, I took a deep dive into researching how AI might affect us.    

The jobs most at risk are telemarketers, customer service representatives, cashiers, drivers, translators, warehouse workers, office workers, administrators, sales, construction, farming, and fishing.   Yikes, sales.  

And the jobs least at risk are therapists, artists, musicians, social workers, fire fighters, emergency management and oddly, oral surgeons.   I’d add entertainers.

It seems to me that any work that can be duplicated, can be done by AI while work that is unique, creative, and nuanced will continue to have value.   This has always been true, but AI makes it super effective to replace repetitive tasks quickly.  

This opens the door to a massive amount of potential job loss.   Anyone doing average or repetitive work can be replaced by AI.  A lawyer who looks up past case law and presents that as a legal strategy to a client can be replaced.    A surgeon who does routine repetitive procedures can be replaced.   A real estate agent who…….  (You get the idea).

If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you are at risk of being replaced. 

So, what’s required to reskill and upskill to ensure your place in the new world order?  

Three themes are emerging as the limits of automation.  Social intelligence which includes persuasion and negotiation. Creative Intelligence which includes psychology, creativity, and strategic thinking.  Dexterity which is our ability to understand complex irregular objects and situations.

Fortunately, these skills are all learnable and those who take responsibility to excel will thrive in this exciting new world that is unfurling before our very eyes.

And here’s what ChatGPT has to say about job risk.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Stephen Hawking