Dear Zuess,

I’m putting in the work, but I’m still not getting any good leads. I don’t understand – I’m holding open houses, I’m going to more social events, and I’m even calling up friends and acquaintances to tell them that I am in real estate. I’m still not getting any clients – it’s very discouraging. Can you help?


Hi Pat, Thanks for writing. It’s frustrating to put in the uncomfortable work without reaping any immediate rewards. First off, good for you for getting out there! It’s an essential first step. Now, it’s time to learn the art of creating natural conversations. You used the word “tell” in your letter, and that gives me a clue as to what might be going wrong. We all know that people don’t want to be sold, but the newest mantra is that people don’t want to be told.

So how the heck do we have conversations that don’t involve telling? This is where the Nature of Real Estate approaches things differently than most coaching companies. We use specific definitions for each of the steps involved in selling real estate.  See our blog post on these five essential steps

Bored interviewer

By definition, a conversation is a two-way dialogue that involves the connection of the minds and is about real estate. Let’s break this down a little further:

        Take a look at this Nature of Real Estate resource paper on rapport

Mastering the art of natural and deliberate conversations will give you the opportunity to move more people.  French bulldog reaching at a bored English bulldog, isolated on white