You can make it a race to the bottom, or you can make it a race to the top.

In a competitive marketplace, there are two ways to win.

One is to do it cheaper; offer lower fees and/or pay for some of the staging and repair costs. Some people will choose cheaper.

The other way is to be better, to offer more expertise, better service, and better results. Some people will choose better.

The first is a race to the bottom and the problem with this race is you might win. There is a hard bottom at zero.  (I’ve actually heard of agents in Vancouver paying sellers to get their listing so they could get the buyers – so it’s theoretically less than zero)

The second is a race to the top and there is no limit on how good you can get. To win the race to the top means continuing to learn and evolve and change and to be deeply committed to the success of your clients.


The race to the top is challenging but extremely rewarding.

Let us know if a coach could help you switch races, or start winning.