….prospecting that is.

Sometimes they aren’t going to say yes. Perhaps they aren’t moving. Perhaps they aren’t moving right now. Perhaps they have their eye on someone else. It doesn’t really matter. You asked, they answered and now you move on.


That’s how human interaction works. Nothing offensive, just an ask.

Sometimes they will say yes, or at least maybe and then you have an opportunity to engage with them in a meaningful way about something that is important to them.

It’s like dating. You learn about them, they learn about you and at some point you make a decision to work together.

And like dating, a new relationship is really fresh, exciting and energizing. It’s awesome to have a new client and to have an opportunity to make their real estate world rock. If you are good, you’ll satisfy your clients’ objectives before the honeymoon period ends and you can part ways the best of friends.

That’s what we do and we are some of the luckiest people I know.

But, like dating, if you don’t ask you won’t get the chance to do the amazing and important work that makes real estate agents matter.